Our mission is to make beauty simple. KAT customizes services and education to help you achieve balance in beauty and wellness. KAT Beauty is a brand.  In the salon, we host like-minded talent who share our core values.  Our team is committed to making every individual that walks through our door feel special.  


The day we met, we knew the universe had an exciting future planned for us. The connection was real from the very beginning and a true friendship and partnership blossomed. The two of us have always had the same goal of owning a salon space of our own one day.  7 years of personal and professional growth and here we are! Our experiences both negative and positive have influenced growth in personal and business development.  We have been patient, consistent, mindful with each step and we take pride in the brand we are building. We want to do what we love, in a space we love, with people who love everything we love!!! 


Honestly, it can mean anything you want it to mean. It doesn’t hurt that the first two letters match our name (Krista and Angelina) and that we are establishing a great “T” for team… Besides; cats are curious, cute and clever. They can be feminine, sexy and independent… We love making our clients feel exactly that way, we want them leaving the salon feeling fierce and full of confidence.


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